Friday, January 07, 2005

“Opening Forgotten Gateways”

The fantasy images running through our daydreams and night dreams, and which are present unconsciously in all our consciousness, is the fundamental data of the psyche. These images are the entitled means of access to knowledge of soul.

As the psyche speaks to us in images and images are the language of the soul, image-making becomes the majestic road to soul-making. The process I am inviting you to participate in is about soul-making. I call the process Psy’Collage. Psy is for the psychological aspects of the process, and collaging is the language of the soul…“soul-art”. Psy’Collage is a journey in the psychological discovery of soul, based on the psychology of image.

Designed as an integrative process, Psy’Collage helps unlock forgotten gateways to inner resources through nonordinary states of consciousness. As a psycho-spiritual journey, Psy’Collage blends Jungian psychology, active imagination and guided imagery; Eastern mediations and breathing techniques; ancient wisdom tools for self assessment, from the Maoris, of New Zealand, evocational music, and progressive body relaxation, as well as creative expression, to help unlock forgotten gateways and inner resources.

The journeys are designed to elicit contact with ancient matrifocal and indigenous cultures, including the archetypal dimensions of the unconsciousness, as well as mystical states of consciousness. Experience expanded boundaries and insights into the universal dimensions across time and space. Discovery the bridge to manifestation. In these inner regions our various experiences are assimilated, our ordinary mental and imaginative activities are elaborated and developed in a sort of psychological gestation before their birth into the light of consciousness.

All the meditations are designed to help facilitate nonordinary states of consciousness, which in turn serve as gateways into expanded states of consciousness, and mystical states. Home of unity consciousness… Christ Conscious… Buddha consciousness. From this region we receive our higher intuitions and inspirations… artistic, philosophical or scientific, ethical “imperatives” and urges to humanitarian and heroic action. It is the source of the higher feelings, such as altruistic love; of genius and of the states of contemplation, illumination, and ecstasy. In this realm are latent the higher psychic functions and spiritual energies. Psy’Collage helps to re-awaken these energies, guiding us back to the source.